Where it all began…

The concept for PITCHcrm began in 2011. As an owner/operator of multiple small businesses, Del Ratcliffe’s most precious commodity was time. He saw the power of effective email marketing from the corporate giants, but simply could not replicate that in his businesses. After researching and trying the many different platforms available, he found that no tool had the capabilities and functionality necessary to accomplish what he wanted to do. Virtually all marketing platforms had a fatal flaw in that they did not “talk” to his point of sale, and thus did not have the data necessary to achieve what he needed. They were cumbersome to use, required a lot of time and even manual steps to download just the emails of his customers from the Point-of-Sale and import them into the email platform. The only way to get what he wanted was to build it himself – and so the foundation of PITCHcrm came to be.

PITCHcrm is a marketing platform that integrates directly with the heart of your business – your Point of Sale.  It allows SMBs to automate communication with their customers, personalize marketing messages, and connect customers with the products or services that interest them the most. We are different from the “other guys” – built BY SMBs FOR SMBs.  Click below to learn more, or sign up for your free trial today!.


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