How It Works


Advance your marketing capabilities with the PITCHcrm POS & E-comm integration and open the door for a whole new marketing strategy.


  • Automatically sync ALL customer data from your POS & E-comm site into your marketing platform. Forget having to continually export/import contact lists.

  • Utilize all of your customer data to create unlimited segmented lists based on the interaction customers have with your business.

  • Personalize your campaigns with content that’s tailored to specific customers, and ensure your messaging is relevant to each and every contact.

  • Generate digital forms that can be linked or embedded on your website and automatically update to your database using Form Creator.

  • View each message, completed sale, website visits, and more with Customer Timeline.

  • Validate your lists and monitor list strength with our List Health Module.


  • Send unlimited campaigns through Email or SMS channels.

  • Create Static (blast) or Dynamic (automated) campaigns, and schedule them months in advance.

  • Easily design beautiful and professional email templates with our drag and drop editor or choose a template from our Template Library.

  • Employ the sales data from your POS system & E-comm site to base your campaigns around and prompt a message to send. 

  • Use custom triggers that automatically send your campaigns when a specific event or action occurs in your POS system or E-comm site.

  • Organize multi-campaign marketing strategies into easy to manage Action Plans.

Dashboard, Reporting & Analytics

  • Track clicks to your website with Tracking Codes.

  • Analyze the performance reports and results from your campaigns down to the message history of each individual contact.

  • Generate remarketing lists of contacts who received, opened, or clicked on your campaigns.

  • Improve the purity of your contact database with our List Health Module.

  • ALL of your sent & scheduled campaigns in one easy to view Campaign Calendar.

  • Gain perspective into your marketing with our Dashboard.

  • Monitor history from your POS system or E-comm site with Sales reporting.

Save time by automating your marketing efforts. Personalize your messaging to the interests of each individual customer. Generate more revenue while you focus on managing your business. Easy to use email/SMS marketing at a AFFORDABLE price. Automatically share the right message, to the right customer, at the right time with PITCHcrm.

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